Sony's New Ultra Flagship Smartphone...

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преди 9 дни

The Sony Xperia PRO is one of the most capable and expensive flagship smartphones I've ever featured on Unbox Therapy.
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William Su
William Su преди 5 часа
I wud buy it if it's half the price they doubled the pricing a year after launch event
Aliff Haiqal
Aliff Haiqal преди 10 часа
whats sony? is it a brand?
BALI ART преди 16 часа
if sony phone can play atleast playstation games.. thats what i call ultra pro thing
Albertus Purwanto
Albertus Purwanto преди 17 часа
When PRO not just gimick marketing
Madhurjo Karmaker
Madhurjo Karmaker преди 23 часа
The more I see this thing, the more I get horny over the vanilla Xperia 1 II.
Akshay sharma
Akshay sharma преди ден
Gocha like this phone Surely want to use the same
Strider Paul Phoenix
Strider Paul Phoenix преди ден
its over man. Sony is the best smartphone this 2021 well done. 👍😎 this is a real PRO
Danish__official преди ден
Most expensive ULTRA phone..
ArtLake преди ден
At least he aint advertising "his own" case
Eric Perez
Eric Perez преди ден
I’ll name it galaxy note 12 pro
Steve R
Steve R преди ден
beautiful review but c'mon Lew how can you have half an hour of Fur Elise and Debussy Arabesques. Be a real content creator and get some background music into your budget.
imran khan
imran khan преди ден
The background noise is annoying. And 25 plus minutes seriously ???
Timothy J. Holloway
Timothy J. Holloway преди ден
I'm sorry. Maybe your many many many subscribers like this kind of thing, but you just talk endlessly and don't seem to say a whole lot when I'm looking for actually relevant comment. Most people would just move on without a word, but you're so annoying that I wanted to take the time to tell you to shut the fuck up. Seriously. Plan what the fuck you're going to say so you have something to say because you obviously have a lot of bullshit in you that needs to be cleaned out before uttering whatever the fuck you think you're saying. But perhaps you're a subscriber to the Donald Trump speech-making method that made him so popular and helped encourage a run on the US seat of government after months of denying reality. Maybe your similarities explain why you both have so many supporters and many Americans might find you so easy to listen to. It's not that they have to remember anything because they just make up whatever they want, whether it's true, relevant, or was actually said by you or anyone else. Calling your channel Unbox Therapy puts the "psycho" in "psychotherapy", unboxed. A 26-minute video of you fumbling and fucking it up on camera. Good luck following in the footsteps of so many BGcdrs who are more of a salve to the unthinking idiots of the world than anything useful or relevant to the world aside from its catering to the many many many fucking idiots that demand reality TV, voted for Donald Trump, use their phones while driving, argue about their religious and fundamental freedoms not to wear a mask at someone else's business, and have difficulty doing the most basic aspects of their jobs reliably. I wish I could block your channel from my BGcd search results. You have maybe three minutes worth of stuff to say which you use 20 minutes to say very badly, like shakey conversation during a circle jerk.
A. D.
A. D. преди 2 дни
if they sold these things through carriers it would sell alot more. People love installment payments
Joejoe Binks
Joejoe Binks преди 2 дни
I love the built which is not a glass..less worry i guess
Kostas_a 2005
Kostas_a 2005 преди 2 дни
It's not a1 it is called alpha 1 from the greek alphabet
Deep Dawda
Deep Dawda преди 2 дни
no camera bump? shut up and take my money
Charlie300 C
Charlie300 C преди 2 дни
Maybe its more for people who use Sony cameras and possibly forget to charge or completely forget the camera but are used to the Sony eco system. Also for people who want to start making content but dont have the capita to but camera with lens, batteries, sd storage or in this case proprietary storage in wich would run up a pretty penny this one does it all, in a way.
Bryan Bielka
Bryan Bielka преди 2 дни
I LOVE THAT FUCKEN PHONE!!! Finally some thickness on this products and also thickness on the price tag lmao
J преди 2 дни
Is 11 times more expensive than my regular SONY Xperia 🤯
Kamruzzaman Mission
Kamruzzaman Mission преди 2 дни
Who watch movie in the name of review. Your reviews are becoming lame everyday.
Chama Chibesa
Chama Chibesa преди 2 дни
Can I have that camera 👀👀👀
Muyanzi Reid
Muyanzi Reid преди 2 дни
For all this money I could buy a Surface Duo and a Z Fold 2
Saqib Khan
Saqib Khan преди 3 дни
Micah Bamaiyi
Micah Bamaiyi преди 3 дни
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pressefr преди 3 дни
Sony should be informed if you connect a PS5 directly to the phone; it can reach 1080p, but cannot reach 4K because the phone as a monitor is not HDCP-compliant.
tasteful преди 3 дни
son nguyen
son nguyen преди 3 дни
The confused landmine biochemically jail because rice repressingly bathe with a abhorrent liquid. swanky, loving size
Z.A преди 3 дни
"I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10000 times" -Bruce Lee Sony literally in his own league, enhance everything he is good at to an extreme level🔥
SUCCESS MICAH преди 3 дни
For the experience and better knowledge of the Stock market exchange, I'm glad I meet *Metro__kelvinfx* on Instagram he alone was able to satisfy my curiosity in the game. Thanks to him I'm earning massively though he's trading platform
SAMaxLegendAS преди 3 дни
This is a very smart “smartphone”.....I can see myself using it’s key features quite frequently.
Raja Raja
Raja Raja преди 3 дни
The 21:9 screen is to small for monitoring. Aa
Patrick Obomsawin
Patrick Obomsawin преди 3 дни
Probably get this a lot or little bit idk but your laugh is like a kettle when it's boiling hot lol 😂😂
Gibran Reyes Hinojosa
Gibran Reyes Hinojosa преди 3 дни
21:26 nice dog
Anime Cafe
Anime Cafe преди 4 дни
The only reason you get so many dislikes is bcoz you waste too much time
Elina Vance :3
Elina Vance :3 преди 4 дни
with the caption " sony`s new ultra flagship smartphone" I was hoping to see the xperia 1 m III, and not last years xperia pro. what I wish for the next sony flagship: brighter display with 1440p resolution instead of 4k because of battery life; bigger main camera sensor.
Freshman areonihc
Freshman areonihc преди 4 дни
Respect sony they don't produce smartphones continues like Samsung
Nikhos Garcia
Nikhos Garcia преди 4 дни
Audio jack. It's a winner!
Zag Hale
Zag Hale преди 4 дни
Bruce Wayne is renting his place!!
Mihajlo Matković
Mihajlo Matković преди 4 дни
I'm pretty sure somethong is wrong with the audio of this video
Blaž Bohinc
Blaž Bohinc преди 4 дни
He's late to the game.. a month late
Arga Agt
Arga Agt преди 4 дни
You must try ps5 live stream using 5g with xperia pro🤣,
Tyler McElwain
Tyler McElwain преди 4 дни
Pab S
Pab S преди 4 дни
Looks like shit. And who’s gonna go around with a phone from Sony? Like what??? Lmaooooo
Michael Bohm
Michael Bohm преди 4 дни
The issue with Sony is its not supported by Verizon otherwise i bought the 5 mk2 and yes
Omar Craviotto
Omar Craviotto преди 4 дни
I already have the Xperia 1 Mark II, so no need to get the Pro. But I almost wish I had waited for this one. Then again, it is $1K more, and although I have a Sony mirrorless that I could use it with, I am not a video professional, so not really the best financial decision. But it is a really cool phone.
babak salehi
babak salehi преди 4 дни
I watch this video with sony xperia z2...😉
Hashim преди 4 дни
I've just realised how much Lew's background looks so much like the batcave in the dark night
Skylar Broguy
Skylar Broguy преди 4 дни
Imma be honest I thought he was high when I first clicked on this video
KALBO RIDING преди 4 дни
I do the rig thing for you
Aura Ryaz
Aura Ryaz преди 4 дни
hate the split view video..
J D преди 4 дни
Brian Rinkanya
Brian Rinkanya преди 4 дни
"8K's?!?!!! So many K's"😭😭😩
Vaibhav Verma
Vaibhav Verma преди 4 дни
Very late lew
Kaloh Labuguen
Kaloh Labuguen преди 5 дни
Looks like batcage set up in there..
Tushar Janrao
Tushar Janrao преди 5 дни
I thik you changed the video editor , its messed up
Syed Abrar Afaque
Syed Abrar Afaque преди 5 дни
Here is Lew giving us a glimpse of his good old honest and geeky self! This review is bang on and shines bright, given most of the reviewers today treat unboxing tech with such prejudice. Luxury Vs Pro!!! You still got it Lew buddy, have a nice year ahead!
JC Sauza
JC Sauza преди 5 дни
Perfect for a pro use
JC Sauza
JC Sauza преди 5 дни
Perfect for a pro use
sameer преди 5 дни
Sony: PRO = "PRO" Others: PRO = "probably good"
sameer преди 5 дни
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 преди 5 дни
King Sony AS USUAL
Samut Saring OL
Samut Saring OL преди 5 дни
Greenlee Kendall
Greenlee Kendall преди 5 дни
I'd like to see a 4K tablet with a memory card slot, headphone jack, HDMI port, rugged build quality and waterproofing from Sony.
Roniel Moreno
Roniel Moreno преди 5 дни
wow super.
Ryozaki преди 5 дни
Is it just me or Lew sounds like he was screaming so his voice is tired
Xavier Alvarez
Xavier Alvarez преди 5 дни
Instructions unclear: Made a Oscar movie
Abel Bejan
Abel Bejan преди 5 дни
excelent background music choice!
Xavier Alvarez
Xavier Alvarez преди 5 дни
Did you say headphone jack? I'm in.
Dominator преди 5 дни
Love it
Spider Channel
Spider Channel преди 5 дни
Sony next flagship phone: Portable PS5
John Miguel Joves
John Miguel Joves преди 5 дни
This what "PRO" means in a smartphone.
Comment Highlighted
Comment Highlighted преди 5 дни
$2,500 🤣 A very relatable product indeed 😂
Nithin CR
Nithin CR преди 5 дни
🗾 ❤️ *Sony*
Maria Khan
Maria Khan преди 5 дни
Radarlove122 преди 5 дни
Just talk about the phone and review it and stop adding in extra crap and conversation. Just get to the point 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Antoine Joubert
Antoine Joubert преди 5 дни
Incredible video ! Good quality and presentation !
Mr E4GLE преди 5 дни
RIP Sony, bad designs for years :(
M.S. Salgueiro
M.S. Salgueiro преди 5 дни
I am in love
Tan Jacky
Tan Jacky преди 5 дни
The greatest thing of this device is that it has 3.5mm headphones jack and no notch.
Michael A
Michael A преди 5 дни
Sony are determined to fail.
Thom Mirem
Thom Mirem преди 5 дни
Bart преди 5 дни
*2021 - we want HEADPHONE JACK - Sony - ok - here it is - just shy $2500 - thanks!*
num351 преди 5 дни
Okay 10k rig whana it :P okay where is my Xperia 1 II oh here is it same stuff I love it
Ibelieve Creation
Ibelieve Creation преди 5 дни
21:25 and the dog appears from nowhere and they made it dissapear with CG LOL😂
Bob Ball
Bob Ball преди 5 дни
Starts at 2:43.
Courtney Antipas
Courtney Antipas преди 5 дни
...and out of nowhere a dog rocks up @ 21:25 lol
john sanmix AA
john sanmix AA преди 5 дни
Good idea
Jake Barro
Jake Barro преди 6 дни
Sony really just went real "Pro"
T H U M A преди 6 дни
Why it’s $2500 😥 Sony : there is “PRO" next to the name 🤓
Mikael Snorrason
Mikael Snorrason преди 6 дни
I still have all my Sony 4K screen phones, using XZPremium right now, and yes it still full-day battery with work- private emails, youtube, gaming, texting, and awesome picture taking. 843ppi there is no other phone with pixel density like this, period.
Andres Bravo
Andres Bravo преди 6 дни
Xperia PRO is a Great Pro Camera Smartphone to compete with iPhone 12 Pro.
fez khanna
fez khanna преди 6 дни
too long
Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot преди 6 дни
SuperSaf hates SONY.
RealLifeTech преди 6 дни
couldn't care less about sony phones noone is going to buy anyway 😂
Kumar Sinhji
Kumar Sinhji преди 6 дни
Any busy have thumbnail wallpaper link
Behind TheWall
Behind TheWall преди 6 дни
i'll say what i said on mrmobile's video, there's nothing revolutionary or even particularly special about this. HDMI Alt Mode is part of the USB spec, and it's bidirectional. if phones properly implemented the spec you could plug in an HDMI-to-USB-C cable and have the exact same functionality on ANY modern phone. you don't need a dedicated HDMI In port for this (it's nice because it means you can charge while using it and the USB port gets less wear, but the same can be better done by just having 2 USB ports) as a matter of fact, you can already buy dongles to do exactly that. their only problem is that because no phone implements the spec properly, they have to be active adapters that convert HDMI into a signal phones can handle
BT преди 6 дни
Sony gets better 💯 and better ‼️ Professional Phone at its best💯
robin de swart
robin de swart преди 6 дни
Wtf is this batman garage studio😂 (does it come in black)
Magic Mike
Magic Mike преди 6 дни
sony beats all the chinese mobile phone brands in every aspect, sadly very few people choose to use it.
mcjogom преди 6 дни
You are always welcome SONY.
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